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Chi Epsilon Sigma-Dallas is more than "just another nursing organization". We center all that we do around means of Community, Education, and Service, all of which are core values that showcase how we strive to present ourselves in the DFW nursing community.


Having and building a strong community is one of Chi Epsilon Sigma's most important goals and values. CES provides its members resources, events, connections, and opportunities to be apart of a supportive community both during nursing school and after graduating.


The nursing profession is centered around learning and continuous education in many forms. We provide a personal yet professional spin on formal course work and continuing education experiences, so that members are able to use those skills in the future to aid others.


Part of our job and responsibility as nurses is embodying the importance of giving back and helping those in need. Serving our patients and people around us is part of our livelihood, and it has shaped our focus on service, through generosity, acts of compassion, and charity.

We tie all these core values together to present to you an organization that builds a community of compassionate, intelligent, and dedicated people, so that they may inspire those around them both in and out of their future nursing profession.

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram
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